Starting a controlled burn in the Sierra National Forest in 2018.

“Our cities are being cooked by urban heat islands that turn up the temperature for people who live in oven-like areas dominated by pavement and lacking trees, parks, and other natural cooling features.”

The Climate Stewardship Act proposes ramping up natural climate solutions — from farms to forests to wetlands — to their full potential.

An urban neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island with a tree canopy of just 9%. Photo Credit: Eben Dente / American Forests

Kuldeep Singh, the Nursery Manager at L A Moran Reforestation Center (LAMRC) in Davis, California, inspects a conifer seedling in the shade house. Credit: Luciane Coletti / American Forests

Across the eastern United States, there is a troubling lack of young white oaks. Credit: Katja Schulz CC BY 2.0

Melissa Jenkins, formerly with the U.S. Forest Service, inspects a whitebark pine tree in Montana.

American Forests

American Forests inspires and advances the restoration of forests, which are essential to life.

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